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Making Citi cards an out-of wallet experience


The challenge was to change the mindset of credit card usage to encourage spend on micro and everyday purchases in the advent of the contactless credit card payment which was often the domain of debit cards. In addition to that, Citi and Apple Pay were late entrants to the contactless credit card scene.


We went back to basics by establishing what Citi cards on Apple Pay is ideal for in the everyday context.

From shopping and dining at retail stores to paying online for your travels to simply ordering in for one, Citi on Apple Pay does it all while enjoying the more reward privileges that you would 'swiping' your Citi card.


  • Creative Conseptualisation
  • Campaign Planning
  • Video Scripting
  • Video Production
  • Print & OOH design
  • Digital Paid media
  • Marketing Toolkit for multi-market deployment
  • Copywriting

other case studies.